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Which way?

Got up and left for tennis in a hurry, my brain was kind of dead, waiting for traffic light right before LIE, didn’t know which direction did I want, one place is toward West and 2 toward East.  Gosh .. but got a win over Andy, so I can spend my summer in peace, :).  Driving home I past by the pool, lord, haven’t set foot in there for few months!!  Got to find time go there before the summer ends!

FedEx got his 5th win, consecutively, at Wimbledon, cool.  Ok, great, :).  The trio at NBC (Mary, John n Bill?)  were saying that Wimbledon packaged the match between Sampras and FedEx in the 4th round back then and selling it, 5 sets, the win gone to the younger one. … Are they kidding?   

It’s been a pretty good week for me too, got 2 wins on Wednesday with Eric, one in particular was against Simon, 6:3.  .. Friends are coming for dinner, got to go now.

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