Sunny vs Simon

Last Thursday, Simon ran into Sunny at a restaurant, called me up half drunk, saying I need to show up early for work this weekend.  Sunny grabbed the phone mumbled something too.  Friday night I played with Simon, he explained soberly that they arranged a doubles, and Sunny needed me there early to warm up.  He’ll team with Sean against Sunny and Charlie.  Not sure who challenged who, Sunny never played Simon before.

We played 3 sets of doubles with Charlie and Albert.  I was the 3x loser, 6:3 with Charlie and with Sunny, 6:0 with Albert.  Sean is kind of nerdy, half the time as if he’s in the space, the other half came without etiquette, armed with funny strokes.  He consistently loses to Sunny but he’s the captain of 4.0 league and Sunny only plays on the 3.5 league.  Oh well.  Sunny must have ran out of things to tease me, so now is that I have a secret admirer, Sean.  Ok, the outcasts, nerds, dorks and geeks are my open admirers.  How charming and flattering, :))  Anyway, I played fine, didn’t get yelled at.  He talked throughout the match, which meant he’s happy, lol.  He told Charlie not to hit too hard, Charlie replied with his poker face, “she can take it.”  Oh boy, can I???  The match went to Sunny on Saturday and gone to Simon on Sunday.  So they made plan to play this Sunday.  The new rivalry is born, :).  Sunny told me that he and Charlie’s been kicking butts, beating many better players.  Simon is impressed with his forehand.

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