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cimg5814.JPGWork is for People who don’t Play Tennis. How right and .. WTG .. This cute button was at the USTA office @ NTC. I’ve a chance to chat with the lady who runs the summer camp where Pump is taking. Two weeks long. It’s three days into the first week but Pumpkin wanted to quit the 2nd week: too many kids and the staff is less disciplined.  I arrived early, and went to the court to pick Pumpkin up on Wednesday.  It’s only 7:10 and they were already dismissed – the official time was till 7:30pm.  Naturally, I asked why did you leave so early. Pumpkin replied “we have to ..” The older coach who ran the younger coaches was happened to be around, and he immediately pull the two young staff aside, told them in a lower voice that they shouldn’t be doing this.  And turned around, telling the kids all getting back to court 7.  There were 15 or so, they used to have 2 courts.  Now court 6 was taken up by 4 adults.  I guess that the big men came early to play and the young coaches were all too happy to leave. Ok, here is what annoyed me: if the camp dismisses the kids at 7:10 or 7:15 every day, I won’t have too big a problem – other than feeling a little cheated.  But the older guy obviously knew it’s not right and pulling kids back to continue, doing it just to pacify me, it’s a big problem, a big cheat, its wrong.  And I told the lady at the office so, who looks smart and able.  She thanked me for reporting such thing, and that I should separate the camp and the coaches.

This is Pump’s first camp at NTC. Previously she attended camps elsewhere. I supposed USTA @ NTC would be the holy grail since the Open is being played there.

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