Little woman

Little Princess took a week off, and started her camp for two more weeks at the USTA.  Only 3 hours a day.  She got bit excited, anxious.  Playing in the shadow of the Center Court at Flushing Meadow is an experience.  But the teaching staff is very young, the student/coach ratio is high, hence the half price tag.  On the way home, she said that sooner or later, she’ll have to take a camp at the USTA .. .. but next year she’d rather have it at Port Washington if nowhere else is better.  She commented off handedly that most kids there are Hunter students.  Frank’s daughter is attending Hunter, and both his kids are there too.  First thought came to my mind was, how do they go to school?  She laughed, “Mom, I’m sure they take bus or subway .. ”  “By themselves?”

“Ya, Mom, by themselves. .. that’s how city kids live.. .. without their parents following around .. ..”  A pause, then she said quietly, “I knew you’d stay for the first day.” It rained yesterday, so we didn’t go.  At that moment, I felt little naked and vulnerable, she’s no longer a little wa wa baby.  Do I still treat her as a baby?  Of course you’re not Mom!  Do I follow you around too much?  Not really.  She assured me.  “I know you want to know what’s going on … it’s great that you know what’s going on in the world …”  Last time we were in the city, downtown, saw few gay couples.  I said so, as matter of fact, we don’t see many in the burb.  She replied, “Mom, I notice that, of course .. .. I’m not that oblivious to the world around me.”  Oblivious?  Gosh, I just learned a new vocabulary, now I need to learn how to pronounce it.

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