A big win and a big hairdo

As soon as I got on the court, I was tired.  My wrists are very sore, my legs weight ton.  Mark and I were warming up, my shots were everywhere but the court; then Irene L and Wah came.  I teamed up with Wah and had 4:0 lead when Wah decided that he’ll play with IL.

I had no idea how did I run.  But I did.   I had plenty mishits, and more than couple of double faults (grrrrrrrrrr), but Mark and I pushed them into tie break, eventually lost 7:5.  The 2nd set we won convincingly at 6:2.  I was more than pleased, for Wah plays on 4.0 league at USTA and IL’s forehand is formidable; her volley is good too.  Because I was so tired, so I used my brain to think a bit, 🙂  lots of lobs and overhead, and most of them were great.  Am I going to continuously play with my brain?  Hell, no, :)) .. I make everyone else look smart, :).

Last week, Andy tried to change my ground stroke (was hard!), and made comment about my persistence in staying at no man zone:

“When you play with 3.5 or lower, you could win by staying there, since they can’t hit deep anyway … but when you play with us, you’ve got to change.  We hit harder and deeper .. ”

That really makes sense.  Not that I’m trying to make an excuse for my lousy habit, just very glad to hear some pointers that’ll stick to my mind.  Hey, mister, got medicine for my grunt??  During a change over, Mark commented that Wah treats her well.  I agree.  I got the feeling that’s they against the rest of the world, which bound them together.

My greying hair must bother Mark very much, he lobbied me to dye/colour again. He’s been at it ever since we met couple of years ago. You’d think he owns a hair salon.  Hell, no, :), at least not yet. Sorry Mark, 女人四十烂茶渣  isn’t that right?

wenxue 男女之间的那点事 (2015-01-25 13:42:39) and Sina

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