The line calls at French Open

The second Wednesday in Paris. The line call continues to be a problem:

June 3 Fri, the first game of 3rd set between Marin Cilic and Norwegian player Casper Ruud (1998-; 2015; $6m). It was an OUT ball but the umpire ruled it was good, IN. The commentators noted the errors made by the umpires at French Open.

June 2: the 1st set, Coco Gauff vs Italian ah ah ah screamer Martina Trevisan. No call but Coco stopped play. It’s clearly OUT but the chair umpire, after a lengthy discussion, ruled it in.

June 1: the 5th set, 1 all, Marin Cilic (1988-; 2005; $29,829k; won 2014 US Open) hit a ball that was called out. The chair umpire got down, and ran to the point of contention, then confirmed it was indeed out. Cilic disagrees so much that Andrey Rublev (1997-; 2014; $11m) offered to replay the point. The tv replay shows the ball was indeed OUT.

Cilic: NOOooo way it was out … | hand and racket to thank Rublev |  … the hard stare …

The 5th set, 4 all, Cilic hit a ball that was called out. The chair umpire confirmed it was indeed out. BUT it was IN, IN, IN. The commentators giggled and said, it was the pay back for the above shot.


Although I’m glad that Cilic won but Rublev is quiet with a calm demeanor, very unnoticeable but likable, especially he offered the replay. Unfortunately his country under Putin is invading Ukraine, so I root against any player that has no national flag next to their names.

The first match of the day at Philippe-Chartrier was between two Russians, Daria Kassatkina defe Veronika Kundermetova. Both are quiet and quite good looking.

The winning streak 连胜纪录

Iga Świątek is having the time of her little life, winning 33 matches straight. Only behind the Williams’ sisters, Serena 34  in 2013 and Venus 35 in 2000. If she wins this tourney, she’ll tie Venus’.

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