Iga Świątek def Zheng Qinwen

Iga Świątek (2001-; 2016; $8,929,786) def Zheng Qinwen (郑钦文 2002-; $) in three sets at 2022 French Open.

A pretty good 🎾 match: Iga is the hottest girl on women’s tour and Zheng is the hottest tennis girl from China, and the tallest 6.1’/1.85m. They’re one year apart but the careers are farther apart.

However, Zheng was able to closed out the first set – Iga was pretty upset with herself. But after that, it was all Iga, the last year’s champion.

Iga Świątek (3⃣️ 伊加·斯维泰克 2001-; $9m) def Zheng Qinwen (郑钦文; 2002-; $0.5m >> 0.296+.273) in three.

郑最热门的🇨🇳🎾员 (也是中国🎾最高 6.1’/1.85m)
好可惜 她赢了第一局 就没有然后了
继续努力 下次卷土重来 ⛽️

但是🇵🇱妞2020年就赢了法网,球场上的奖金近九百万. 郑的奖金几乎全部来自今年的法网. 她如果转行做模特说不定也行-中西的审美差异很大.

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