Coco Gauff 可可·高夫, Degas’ dancer

Coco Gauff (2004-; 2018) advanced to Wimbledon 2021’s third round.

She always reminds me of Degas’ Little Dancer. This ballerina 3⃣️ is the one at The National Gallery of Art in DC.


Last time to Museum d’Orsay, saw a short stage play of the teenager 2⃣️ – it was a treat. [愉快]

Currently Federer is playing Gasquet – this is a treat. Wish the French could win once.

小豆豆 晋升第三圈🎾. 她像不像 Degas 德加的小舞娘? 3⃣️是在华府国家美术馆里的小舞娘. 上次在巴黎的多赛博物馆里看到一个别出心裁的创意表演 2⃣️ – 扮演小舞娘 [强]

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