Coco Gauff def Sloane Stephens

What a good match!

Coco Gauff (2004-; $3,159,857) def Sloane Stephens (1993-; 2009; $16m), into her first semi at a slam: a shoutout for her.

Coco always reminds me of ‘Little Dancer of Fourteen Years’ by French Impressionist Edgar Degas. Today’s outfit only enhances that impression (colors could have been better)

Coco Gauff (可可·高夫 2004-) 打进她的第一个大满贯半决赛. 赞

她总是让我想起法国印象派埃德加·德加的《十四岁的小舞者》.她今天的服装更增强这种印象(颜色搭配可以更好一些吧? [得意])

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