Shame on USTA

The photo is Zheng Saisai, NOT Zhang Shuai 

Can’t USTA get their act together: using Zheng Saisai’s photo for Zhang Shuai?

The second match at Louis Armstrong stadium is women’s doubles which is our main attraction: Zhang Shuai and Sam Stosur. There are a few interruptions from system malfunction (?) and the biggest one is, USTA put up (郑赛赛 1994-) Zheng Saisai’s photo for Zhang. This is a bit too hard to swallow.

I like both players, Zhang Shuai and Sam Stosur. It was Stosur who talked Zhang out of retirement in 2015. They’ve won Aussie Open doubles in 2019. They’ve similar physiques, wear identical outfit. The Aussie’s arms are more muscle than the Chinese.

I’ve seen Zhang many times and enjoy her skill as well as her physical appearance – she has the perfect body for tennis. Her arms are particularly pretty. Stosur is in great shape and a slightly shorter than Zhang. Her torso is also slightly thiner than Zhang’s.


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