US Open 2022

This year’s Open is from Aug 29 to Sept 11, has $60,102,000 prize purse, with $2.6m to the two winners in singles. Last year was $57m/$2.5m, and 2020 was $53m/$3m.

Getting ready for the opening day, driving in the last nail

The biggest news is that Serena is retiring after this tourney. So, this is the last. Where she won her first in 1999, as a 17 years old girl – two weeks shy of her 18th birthday.

Perks from the sponsors

  • Chase Lounge is booked out solid: two days after they opened up for reservation. I thought I’m early.
  • Amex Lounge

A part sunshine, part cloud and part of rain. Declines figs freshly off the tree. We also got wontons & beancurd from Flushing.


We stayed in the Louis Armstrong, watching the pros practicing, also wait out the occasion rains.


A view of NY Mets’ Citifield from Armstrong Stadium. A nice tattoo on the coach’s arm.

The exit to parking lot, flowers and the benches by the City park courts that now used as the practice court for the tourney.

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