Where is Mariana Alves now?

Flipping burgers? … Apparently she continued, and retired in 2019. My good lord how many victims she left behind?  Victoria Azarenka in 2013, Maria Sharapova in 2014

The other night ESPN put this 2004 US Open semi final match: Serena Williams’ loss to Jennifer Capriati at Flushing Meadow. I watched it on TV live at time. The dingy who perched high on the chair during the match must be blind n retard – she was Mariana Alves who’s from Portugal.
I’m just wondering where is she now. Who’d use her again?! – the Open dismissed her.
Reportedly, the US Open apologized to Serena afterward.
Serena acted with class on the court, kept her cool too.
Unlike the Stupid Question Queen at French Open.
I had to shake my head, that year, it’s Capriati’s turn to win, after Serena was out. For a few years in a row Jennifer would run into Steffi Graf in the semi. But during the semi match, Capriati didn’t seem to be able to play, at her full speed. Jinxed? It wasn’t Jennifer’s fault. I wasn’t sorry to see her losing the match.
Anyway. The Williams are still in. Hope they’ll capture few more slams, regardless being ranked #1 or not.

This article claimed that this 2004 US Open incident ushered in Hawkeye.

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