The qualifying rounds at US Open 2009

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Kai-Chen Chang 張凱貞 in black skirt of Taiwan vs Sharon Fichman, in black top of Canada.

Chang was leading 5:1 when we arrived. Then she lost that set in tie break. Second set she was 3:0 when I returned. Quickly it became 3:3. Somehow she held her ground and won. I left for a BBQ before she finally took the match at 6:1 in 3rd set.

Sharon looked to her coach all the time, finally the coach left.
Be independent girl. You’ve got to figure out a way to handle the situation .. to win.
The guy who dispensed opinion of the Canadian said that the top 100 can make a comfortable living.
I remembered Tony said 50. Guess each one’s standard of living differs.

Zhang Shuai was about to take the Court 8. Pumpkin didn’t want to mingle with us, so she stayed, reporting Zhang’s match .. who lost 6:2 and 6:3.

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