My flip turns

My first underwater video: flip turns: a little too deep …

One of the advice I got is

Pointer – Pracrice rotating your body completely on the turn and THEN push off the wall. Your under water whip is there but is hindered because your body is still turning once you have pushed off the wall. Your whip and streamline (ie, getting faster and smoother off the wall) will improve if you practice this.

Another one

Stay tucked up a second longer and plant your feet close to sideways on the wall.

When you push off, make sure to stretch out (hips up, shoulders back).

During the underwater push off in streamline rotate to your front.

Start kicking when you’re almost on your front, not while you’re still on your back.

… another one

Dolphin kick needs work, feet need to be a tad higher on the wall before flip turn

… one more

To stay more shallow keep your eyes on your knees as you tumble turn.

… another one

To deep and no Rotation, u should touch the wall on your Side not your Back. Have in your head to roll over one shoulder not over your head.

Here is a short video my fellow swimmers sent me: 3 tips for faster turns

  1. start your turn somewhere after the catch but before your finish
  2. avoid using your arms to get your body around. You are already moving …
  3. arms in streamline BEFORE your feet hit the wall

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