The 2nd match: a sweep

It happens bit too early that I’ve problem to field three courts, despite of 15 player roster. I’m the one who voted against the rescheduling but I did ask for one only because the season has just started. Then a few hours later at our first match two mates decided they could spare me the misery. So full lineup.
However, the flight coordinator and opposing captain were informed (of the rescheduling) and court was canceled and .. then .. rebooked. I’m embarrassed for causing so much trouble. As it happened the opposing team has issue too: one of players was on call and may be taking incoming calls during the match.

Anyway. Ron and I played 3D and the guy looks older than us but out ran any of us. And of courses robbed me of a few ‘winners’. It’s unbelievable that he got to every single shot, so fast.
Two questionable line calls: one was baseline, I called it out and Ron signed as good. In it was.
Another one was a cross court shot from the girl, which I called it out and the guy gestured displeasure. I looked at my partner who said nothing. So out it was.
2D has a close match.

One mate showed up at Wednesday (11/13 at NTC) practice because we forgot to cancel it. Very sorry. It’s the first fime hopefully won’t happen again. More pix on FB.

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