The last match

Someone questioned me if I’m still under warranty and suggested to take up bumper to bumper insurance plan, when I complained my legs and arms hurt after my back and shoulders. Don’t know I own those body parts .. till they all acting up.
Our last match of the regular season was scheduled at 8pm. Guess my brain was hurting too bec I had 8:30 in mind. When I limped onto the the court, it’s 8:10. I was just too bit heavy for my partner to carry, lost 4 and 3.
Good news is .. Pumpkin scored her team’s first goal and won 7:6; Golfer would score a goal too late that evening on ice too. Darn it, why didn’t I bring home a win??
Once again, we made the playoffs, which will take place at NTC on April 30 that weekend. The two divisions have similar scores, guess more competitive matches ahead. Mark your calendar and come to cheer us up!

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