My daughter-in-law

Pumpkin’s lacross team played their season finale, losing 5:8. They lost most draws and the opposing team would score. The visiting team’s players are huge and they would run straight through you to score. Size does matter, everywhere.

At the party after the game, a pretty and bubbly sophomore came over to introduce herself and said Pumpkin is so cute. Later I learned that she actually proposed to King. Oh my god. I felt so lucky having such outgoing and beautiful daughter-in-law. But it seemed that King has commitment problem.
Upon hearing it, he demurred: said nothing.
So the future daughter-in-law asked him:
“DON’T you speak English?”
Hahaha .. she has humor too.
But .. but .. her motivation to marry my son is to be Pumpkin’s sister-in-law .. hmmmmmm .. Remember the say that when something is too good to be true is probably not true.

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