The free loaders

An acquaintance has been inviting me to participate in his tennis tourney for a couple of years. Because his group is more toward social than tennis, and also always far away so I declined. I still remembered the very first time I went. It’s at the NTC and its free. I was puzzled. When I asked about the fees, he was elusive. Ok, I needed to do grocery shopping, so it’s one stone for two birds. As it turned out, they were using city courts and not many of them had city permits. They were young and new to the country/city; not many know how to play tennis.
Few tourneys later, the last one was at Long Island. Guess I’ve no choice but go.
“Where are you holding it?” I asked.
“Not sure yet, I’m still looking at Roslyn High school and

Sept 2:

we charge only $15 which includes t-shirt, food & drink and trophy … are there any courts in the city that you know of that will be free after the USOpen and that we can reserve for a whole day?

Don’t know any place that’s free

some of the courts we used before in NJ are free, so we will use those to keep the cost down ..

The date is set on 9/23. $20 per player.

there are some courts either in Roslyn or Old Westbury, but I have not seen him to show me the courts yet, I may go there tonight to see the conditions for the courts to make a final decision …

Making the story short, although I felt $20 was too high when he had no court cost but I gathered 7 of my mates and went. However, we went to the wrong school: it was at Middle School on the southern side of LIE and we were at the High School, north of LIE. We decided to stay and play among ourselves.

There were few other players at High school who decided to move to Middle to join the party. The communication was not good. He got newspaper to cover the event. I was thinking: it’s very bold. He has no permit nor the right to be there on the public courts which are for the residents only.

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