Match standings

Having played 7 matches we have three more to go till the regular season ends on March 21.
Flight: 7.0 Mixed Adults
League: 2010 Queens Mixed Doubles Leagues – Adults
District/Area: Metropolitan Region – Queens
USTA Section: USTA/Eastern
Queens Winter 2010 has 3 Mixed Doubles flights:
6.0 Flight: 5 teams

  • First place team has played 7 matches and won 65 points, the second place team played 6 matches won 55 points.

as of Feb 237.0 Flight: 9 teams

  • Div I: 5 teams – leader has 61 points and 2nd place team has 52. Both teams played 7 games so far.
  • Div II: 4 teams – we the leader played 8 matches, racked in 86 points and the 2nd place team has 65 with 7 matches played.

8.0 Flight: 14 teams

  • Div I: 7 teams – leader has 64 points won 8 matches, and the 2nd place team has 44 with 5 matches played.
  • Div II: 7 teams – leader has 62 points with 6 matches played and 2nd place team has 49 with 5 matches played.

The real captain called today. My heart stopped: there has been few issues within the team .. and he’s had enough of the nonsense and calling it quit. I was ready on my knees (ok, this is an inside joke: someone made the partner kneed overnight .. we knew who you’re .. hehehehe .. and we’re forming a facebook group to support the victim .. ha ha ha). But it turned out rosier. Most my teammates are super wonderful, courteous and considerate. I asked them at the last second to sub, they would rush to the club only be benched. Non of them uttered a word. No matter what they had to cancel at the last second. I’m deeply grateful.
Grandma Luck used to say that to know a person’s to travel with him/her. I fully appreciate this. If not on the road, but doing something. The experience of togetherness, of facing ups, downs and emergency would tell you a lot about the person. I’m thankful most of my children are low maintenance (or maintenance-free) and very supportive. Thank you teamo. Only three more matches to go. You’ll never see me again, never have to deal with me again, never have to receive long winded email spams again. Sees no evil hears no evil. Amen.

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