A sunny day

The weather in New York has been so good. A little rain, ok, a decent rain yesterday and last night has washed the earth clean. The trees and grass, after the taxing sun of the summer are bit dull but they perked up under the morning light. 秋高气爽 Crispy autumn air is just wonderful.

Sept 22, 2013

Sept 22, 2013

I haven’t played with Sunny in a few years. Given my two months long hiatus I was hesitated to say yes. But Sunny is Sunny. He calls, Irene jumps.

I was only two minutes late, his text is already in “Are you coming?!”

After brief warm up, Sunny couldn’t wait to start the game. The park is very quiet, I occasionally see a few morning walkers pass by. I said to Sunny,

“I can’t serve and can not run.”

Hoping that he doesn’t have any expectations, or has it but low. During the match, of course I keep hitting to the man. Is “I have no control .. IF I were having so much control, I’d be a 4.0!” still a valid excuse? It sounds stale to me but nevertheless, its true in my case. The male player has kick second serve that goes wide to the left, which Sunny reminded me repeatedly. I was playing the ad court. After being aced a couple of times on the second serve, Sunny fed up. He walked over to baseline by the ally, using the head of his racket and draw circle on the har-tru: “stay here.”

Boy, doesn’t he look like a dog owner?

Thank goodness perhaps the nice weather, or long absence from tennis that I had time to reflect or digest, I played well. Perhaps my physical limitation (hurts..) now that I use my brain more? I know for sure that I only treasure my body parts when that part is injured or in pain. In any case, we won convincingly 3 and 1 over a 7.5 mixed team.



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