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Fashionistas or recessionista ..


Giants is playing the Steelers .. both are first place team, both are 5:1. So it’s an important game.

What a gorgeous autumn day!! If any of you haven’t gone out, you’re missing a lot. Quick, head over to the court, Wah Zai is waiting: I teamed up with him and Irene with William. Wah bragged that he’ll serve his little darling Irene double fried eggs. 🙂 Ended up we lost first set in a blink: 6:1. Then Wah wondered ..

Now how can I leave the court .. ” 🙂

I lose all the time, will have no problem leaving .. not sure about him .. he might still be there.

It was really a good match. We ended up 2 sets a piece. Had quite few long rallies. It was very relaxing and enjoyable.

I looked like a congar out there with Pumpkin’s pants – told them not to take picture of me who dressed like a clown.  It’s a recession time, 🙂 got to wear what I have been handed up/down.  I inherited few jeans from King too.  I didn’t realize that boy/man’s pockets are really deep or long.  I wear Golfer’s sweater too .. .. I’m cheap 🙂

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