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Desperate housewife

One of the couples (he’s 4.5 and she is above 3.0) I play tennis with were angered by a loathsome female player who’s at about 3.5 level. One day they were playing doubles and the 3.5 woman was teaming up with another guy. During the second set, no one had held serve so after 8 games, it was obviously 4:4. But the 3.5 woman insisted that they were up, 5:3. .. then she said to the 4.5 guy that “it’s no fun to play with you” and left. Without finishing the match.

1. We all love the 4.5 guy. He’s very popular, mild mannered, really nice and fair .. just a great guy to have around on and off court.
2. Not finishing a match is rude, unless there’s emergency that you have to leave.

One of un-written etiquette is that weaker player be appreciative for the chance to play up – I certainly am – this isn’t limited to tennis, correct? Don’t you treasure the opportunity to do/play/team up with someone who’s better at it than you?

I knew the 3.5 woman for a long time. When she first came to NY, was chubby, hicky and did not play tennis. We were actually pretty friendly with her husband who came first. But when she arrived, we all distanced from him: she was that dreadful and boring.

Fast forward about nearly 20 years. We ran into one another on court. She slimmed down a lot, and became a tennis junky – which I think is the best thing for her. And still dreadful: she’s short tempered; on court she yells/blames at her partners all the time. (I often used the word yell with Sunny and Simon .. that’s totally different story .. more of bragging and joking ..) She openly scolds her hubby .. .. My impression is that she’s very frustrated at home (pun intended ..) and with her life in general hence vetting out her anger on court. So pitiful. She appears to be extremely shallow and uneducated. A tiny bit education and happy and loving family doesn’t produce such behavior.

I admire hard nosed people regardless he/she likes me or not, but looking down on the brown nosed ones. She’s the color nose. A little advice to the 3.0 girl: you have a wonderful guy at home with a great life, shouldn’t be bothered by such loser. Think about it, what else matters in the world, beside your family? Sure work does provide lots of satisfaction, but I think a terrific family or live with someone you love and trust is the ultimate key to happiness and success.

Another thing I found them to be popular is that they’re generous in opening a new can of balls. I’m not stingy in fulfilling my share, but there are few so so players that I played with for years who NEVER opens a new can of balls. Truly a free loader.

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