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What a lucky day ..

I just had a very eventful day. I thought of taking the highway to NJ for a meeting. But opted for the local to drop off Pumpkin’s racket for restring.
11:30am. Sunny, pleasant, a typical autumn day. I was driving on the Northern Blvd and got pulled over. Offense? Broken break light on the passenger side. The young cop, Mr. Park walked over and looked at my car, shout: “Your inspection is expired too.” Ok, that’s my fault.
$85: $25+$60 fine plus surcharge.
It took him 15 minutes to write up my two summons that were illegible: later at the Precinct, the young cop couldn’t read my license plate from the yellow summon.

After the meeting, I got the light fixed and did the inspection. Then parked at the Chase parking lot, did my thing in the bank and dropped off the racket next door. When I returned 10 minutes later, there’s white note on my windshield. I normally don’t look around, but thank god I did. A motorist damaged my right front bumper. He left me a note. Two guys were in the parking lot, and one of them asked,
“Your car?” One of them interrupted his phone conversation, pointed to my car.
“Yes.. ”
“That’s the van .. the green one, just left ..” then he went back to his phone conversation.
I chased out. Because the note he left with his cell # was missing a digit. He was waiting for the traffic light.
“Sorry, stuff happens. Call me with repair, I’ll send you a check.” He then added the missing digit, and sped away.

Life goes on.

I went to the 111st Police Precinct to get the car inspected. Because Mr. Park stipulates that if I get the brake light fixed within 24 hours, the ticket will be dismissed. The PO at the desk, first told me he has no idea as what to do.
“Mail this to the court with the repair receipt.” He told me.
Darn, Joe didn’t give me a receipt.
“I think you are going to look at my car and give me a form ..” I suggested.
He looked really unwilling. Then he asked a secretary who came over, fish out a piece paper. The PO must be really green. He read the entire thing.
When we went out to inspect the car, he said,
“I can’t sign this. It isn’t fixed.” He pointed to the driver side. Somehow, I remembered the PO who handed me the summon, mentioned passenger side.
The young PO re-read the yellow summon and chuckled.
“I guess I’ll have to sign it since the summon is for the passenger side.”
“Pls don’t issue me another ticket .. I’ll fix the driver side as soon as possible.”
He agreed.

I capped the lucky day with 3:1 sets of win on the tennis court, with William. The only loss came when I played against him. Did I mention that I got lost in and out of NJ? That’s just the icing on the cake.

While waiting for the car to be fixed, I went to eat in Flushing when I wasn’t even hungry. In this little basement mall on Main Street. I had dumplings. Why can’t New York have a decent dumpling house like the one in Toronto?? Hope it does just I don’t know about it yet. Did I lose my mind by going into this dig? Maybe. But it tastes pretty good. Freshly made. I probably would go there again. On another lucky day. Let me consult the 黄历 first .. 🙂


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