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Friends with benefits

It’s really a learning experience when I began to organize season courts and practices. I had winter group in the past, with mostly my neighbors, it was rather easy. But this season it’s NOT. To make the season I ended up having a few players whom I know but don’t know: knew them on court but never dealt with them off the court before.

Due to Sandy, we have a few make up sessions. One group re-scheduled on three Sundays and since I wasn’t there, they wondered if I’m short changing them with balls. I really thanked him for bring this to my attention. And

When I asked them to switch to Bay so we could have more courts at the same time for our teammates in Dec and Feb, the group leader finally got back to me after nearly a week, and demanded: ” .. what benefit will we be getting for switching? You know I’m fine but some my mates may asking, or they may even think that I’m getting some benefit from you personally .. ”

I’m really really speechless .. and kind of angry .. so I told him: no problem if you are NOT willing to accommodate. I’m asking is because I think we’re friends and I get you guys a good deal for the season. Of course I did not forget to thank him for taking the courts in a timely fashion so we could all have a season.

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Another situation ..

Situation, situation.

We could have swept:
1D: 6-1, 6-2
2D: 6-3, 6-4
3D: 4-6, 6-4, 8-8

According to my 3D mates, there were only two shots being played: at 8-8, the opposing team’s girl was serving to Dan. After he returned her serve, the opposing guy’s exact words:
Oops I’m sorry”
.. while the girl continually played, hitting it down the line for a winner. .. while my girl has stopped playing when she heard an ‘out’ call.

I wasn’t there, but the little I know, if one calls OUT and the partner says IN, then it’s opponent’s point.

I think the argument is moot, even if we got the call, we never finished tiebreaker.  It wasn’t the winning point.

The coordinator instructed:

Just enter the first two sets and put timed match so we clearly see the tie and split the points.

We actually had time to finished the match.

Unless it is discussed before the match, matches are a 2 hour limit. You can play matches to completion but must discuss and agree to it BEFORE the match starts.

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