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Lady D

December 29, 2012, 9:54pm

Tom Shayes, an affable attorney was stabled in a rundown apartment. His attacker was gun down by a third man. With multiple knife wounds Shayes finds his way home, only to be drown by the man he tried to catch.

My phone rung. I almost jumped out of my bed. After a dinner party I went to bed early, was engrossed with the third season’s last episode of Glenn Close’s legal thriller Damages.

“Irene, Denise is dead.” Cate called.

So many characters died in the last episode, even Tom. I did not see that coming. I was slow to focus, extracting myself from the legal thriller.

“Irene, did you hear?”

“Sorry Cate, hi. How are you?”

A round of laughs from the boys playing down stairs.

“Irene, Denise just dead.” She repeated.


“I said DS dead.”


I thought the call was a season end greeting but it’s a horrible news that no one wish to hear: the passing of a dear friend and fellow tennis bum.
Initially I didn’t quit grasp what she was saying.
Then she yelled,
“Irene, Denise is dead.”
That, really shocked me up.
I was numb for a brief moment then we resumed talking crying.
I regret that I was lazy, didn’t send out the email to arrange a dinner when Carina is coming to visit – her dad took Lady D and Sir L around in Beijing in November this year. And as if happens, Carina’s cousin works at the same company as Lady D .. a small world.
What other things I should have done but haven’t?

the card

Tomorrow is not forever although most people think, at lease for me.
Tomorrow may not come.
Denise was so healthy and active, full of life .. I could not image that she’s no longer with us.

RIP Lady D, you’re missed.
With much love ..

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NTRP means nothing to me but great deal to others. Denise had always wanted to be a 3.5. So I asked the league to award her a 3.5 posthumously. The league refused: “we have no way of doing it.”

The league takes the rating seriously.

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