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During the dinner, as so coincident, Golfer mentioned shenanigans: I told him about one tennis club says one thing then does totally another. To reciprocate, he entertained me with his ice hockey and golf clubs’ shenanigans. As if it goes with the territory that many sports clubs are not run by the professionals but probably by a brother’s in-law’s nephew’s second cousin?

Just as we were talking – I’m not making this story up – a mate called me up to say,
“I texted you to say John is ill, can’t come.” Dear John’s a potential replacement.
We’ve five courts and 19 players.
“Oh .. NO .. I didn’t get your text.” I said, very positively.
My first instinct is .. go to play. But I really can’t.
10 some fanatic calls followed for a sub.
I re-read our text message. Honest to lord, I still didn’t get it.
After dinner, I asked a facebook friend to show me how to take a snapshot of iPhone’s screen, then proceeded to do so – wanting to prove my innocence. It’s only during the brief editing in Paint – wanted to white out friends names – did I saw the word ill then recall, YES, I saw it when my friend texted me in the afternoon but I thought that’s a typo for in.
Does ill resemble in? Well, at that rushing moment, it did.
Truth’s, probably I’m just simply getting old.

Very sorry guys ..

Actually, I made a similar mistake not long ago: a friend text me “cant play at xx“. Apparently I misread cant as CAN, and directed two other player to xx while the texting player was waiting at location yy.

Our 7.0 tonight at Randall’s Island, won 1D but lost 2D and 3D to the first place team that has swept two previous outings. It’s a crisis too: I’ve 20 players on the roster but could only field one court. That’s a record. After begging, threatening and screaming, was I able to put a full line up. It’s NOT fun, it’s A work.

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