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The Patrick girls

Danica has finally won, after 50 starts.  She paid her dues, so its well deserved win.  No longer just another Anna Kournikova but a champ.  Hmmmm .. .. Anna competed with the girls and Danica with the boys.  (Where is the other Patrick girl, Tera?  I read about her in the Village Voice years ago, found her to be very attractive, a couple of classes above her peers.  Then another year or two passed, one day I came across her again, by chance saw her on a NY channel TV with her boyfriend, sporting a army outfit, in support of the troops in Iraq.  The only thing set me off was she’s done the implant, enlarged her pretty breasts – very ugly.  Why would she do that is beyond me!)

Golfer Lorena Ochoa had win four titles in four weeks.  Many in golf community, both men and women feel she could compete in PGA but she chose not to.  She isn’t pretty or striking as Wei, so there isn’t much buzz about her.  Perhaps also the fact she’s not an American.

Before I lost myself here, I’d better make the point ..

1. Everyone needs to pay her/his dues.  Michelle Wei hasn’t won a single title, just jumped into PGA.  For pete’s sake, Tiger Woods won 3 amateur titles before he turned pro.  Now attending Stanford, Wei can’t even play on the school team, because she’d turned pro.  What a screw up!  Many players in golf as well as spectators are kind of glad, cause Wei bully her way around and that wasn’t pretty.  Daddy Wei, pls call Richard Williams and learn a thing or two, will you?  Not that I like Richard (the dancing ..) but he has my respect for bringing up two very happy and successful daughters.

2. Don’t know if any one noticed the media would play up a good looking female athlete regardless she’s won a title or not.  But when it comes to a male athlete, the media treat the pretty boys very differently.  Lance Armstrong is very good looking, Scott Adam is handsome, but I don’t see the media play up their looks. .. .. If this is the way surpose to be, then why are male bosses mindful when they complimenting on female employees ..  Light me up Scott .. Am I missing something here?

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