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How grunting like a rutting bull moose can save golf

I’m mindful about my grunt, it’s ugly but can’t help it.  ..  It’s the women in tennis who scare David Feherty the most. He felt we start our scream on the backswing, change the tone and volume at impact, and let it subside on the follow-through: “Aaaaaa-WEEEEEH-gaaaaah!” Some of the men are in on it too, but not at the same level as the women, who are just plain better at screaming in general, even if a male lion’s territorial call can be heard for miles.All the yelling has made tennis almost unwatchable with the volume up, which is a damn shame .. .. :)) .. SO what can we do about it?  I’d love to give half of my serve or backhand away in exchange for silence.  Duct tape?  Zipper?  ??

Last week as I was hitting with Pumpkin, the picturesque valley was very serene, the blue sky, singing birds and dancing butterflies.  Then there was me, grunting.  Not as bad as ear splitting, but revolting.  Last night at badminton, I grunt too.  Does that little white feather need that much of energy?  I guess so, unfortunately.  I prayed for quietness on court at the wish pond.  Looks like Genie didn’t grant me that, :(.

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