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The Spring break tennis



Surprisingly I met a group of girls from Maryland at the Massanutten in Virginia.  This resort at Shenandoah Valley is neither known for golfers nor tennis players.  It used to have a 9-hole short course now expanded into 18 holes and an 18-hole.  The short course was much nicer before the expansion, now inter-linked with roads.  Golfers have to keep eyes on the coming and going cars!  The short course was perfect for the area.  Not sure what behind the thinking to expand.  King played with Golfer, and he would have been much happier if the cours was 9-hole.

The Massanutten have 8 tennis courts, 4 for the owners and 4 for the visiting/exchanging guests.  The courts are scattered around, in need of some TLC.  The four for the visitors, 3 are being renovated, which leaves one for the entire vast valley.  How charming.  I didn’t know that they reserve 4 for the owners only till I played on it.

Pumpkin and I were playing on the court next to the MD girls.  During our water break, one of the Maryland girls, Robyn came over asking if we’d like to play doubles.  Sure.  It was the very first time that Pumpkin and I played as partners.  Oh the joy!  My arm wasn’t painful any more, or I forgot.  I haven’t been serving since January, now I have no problem [or no choice but] serving, :).  Was it dream come true to play with Pumpkin?  You bet.  Despite we lost 6:2 easily, I loved every minutes of it!!  This group of MD girls play on the same or adverary teams one time or another.  Some are 3.5 and few are 4.0.  They took turns to beat me, :))).  Ree said she’ll probably do the MS ride with me this October!  Lets go girls!!



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