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The last supper

好景不长在 好花不长开? .. Our pool (the Town of North Hempstead at Michael J. Tully Park) will be closed for renovation starting next Friday.  Estimate 15 months. Sight.  I’ve been having great runs there.  Who knows how long does it take.  I didn’t get to swim before tennis today, but felt tired.  Swimming does pup me up, not tire me out.  When we did valley with Wah, I hardly moved my feet.  He joked, “it’s your arm hurt, now you claim your feet hurts too?”  Ya, something like that, :).  Lazy.  I meant to go to the pool just one more time!  We tend to take thing for granted when it is there.  I didn’t go there for over a year.  Now it’s going to be gone for a while, and I felt sad.

The following three photos ⇓ are on 2021.11.03: I began to swim here again

During change overs on the court, the other players were talking about the new pool just opened in Flushing.  I was checking out the LA Fitness and Equinox.  LA Fitness told me that they don’t give price out over the phone, “you have to come in.”  Wow, the fitness centers joint the salesmanship also?  So be it.  She relent.

“The initiation fee is from $100-$299 and monthly varies too.”

“Like what?”

“You’ll have to come in.”

I never went becasue I hate when people waste my time.

The new pool, Oct 30, 2010
The new Parkwood pool, Aug 10, 2009

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