22+ min for 1,000 yard

Under 23 minutes for a 1,000 yards is probably my best timing for now. And the one I would like to maintain.

I signed up at Michael Tully pool when the Whitney Pond closed last Friday, August 20 because the kids/lifeguards are returning to school.

The area to the left, used to be a diving pool. The water slide was added around 2008 renovation, which jacked up water temperature. The re-structure was more for the politicians gaining vote than practical, imho: bugs are seen everywhere; water temperature are pre-set, unchangeable, they’re either too hot or too cold. Unbelievable! What happened to the adjustable shower faucets? 

People taking their swimming pretty serious: the bags lining up in the morning, to beat the opening which is at 9am.

On Monday, as I was doing my laps in free style, an old Asian man cut right in front of me to get out. I thought that’s pretty rude. He has all the time to leave while I was away but he chose not to. I had stopped abrupt to avoid collusion. He said, “I’m  sorry” a couple of times.

Shouldn’t the lifeguard blow his whistle to warn the swimmers? The gym is still there, so is the sauna and steam room.


On Wednesday another Asian man got into the pool without letting me know, as again, I was doing free laps. After seeing him, I stopped, to say, I take one side and he should take the other side. When I was done, I told him, next time, please make sure I know you’re coming in, to avoid any collusion.

“No English.”

I called the lifeguard and the manager came to explain … got his granddaughter to translate… He felt the lane was only one swimmer but that was NOT the issue. Gosh, people have their own thought and don’t listen or refuse to listen. How can we communicate and solve problem?

Today a guy got in and said, “my board was there …” when it was NOT: when I got in, the pool was empty. He was nowhere to be seen. How could his board was there?

… and the bugs in the shower stalls … 

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