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Registration Instructions

From the league coordinator:

  1. Make sure you have a valid USTA number (to join the USTA or renew your membership)
  2. You need a credit card and the 10-digit team code (starts with 1002) from your captain.
    With the USTA # and the team # (team code):
    – go to Register for a Team
    – In Box 1, enter your USTA number
    – In the next box, enter the team code (starts with 1002) that your captain sent you
    DO NOT click on the “Captain” box unless you are the team captain
    – Enter your phone number; then click on “Next Step”
  3. If you already have a USTA rating, then the next page will confirm the information entered. If any of the information is incorrect (your name or team name), then go back and re-enter your information. Finish by following the instructions to pay for your registration. Be sure to print a copy of your receipt.
  4. If you are SELF-RATING: you will be asked a series of questions about your tennis background. You must answer these completely and accurately. At the end of the questions, a MINIMUM RATING will be suggested. You can self-rate at that level or any level above this number. You cannot rate below this minimum. Type in your rating, if different, and then proceed to pay for your registration.
    If the suggested rating is higher than you believe it should be, then check the box to APPEAL your rating. Your appeal will be reviewed as soon as possible. Then proceed to pay for your registration.
  5. If you cannot register for your team at the level your captain is expecting you to register at, do not register, but instead, contact your captain immediately.

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J Lo in catsuit

Jennifer Lopez has never been shy about her body. After the birth of her twin in 2008, and at age of 41, she flaunt again yesterday. I thought it was nice skin tight catsuit and applaud her great figure, her butt in particular. The only complain I had was the material wasn’t tight enough – couldn’t she find stretchy lace instead? One of friends at the party – a roomful , a mother who’s tall and big and in her 50s, commented repeatedly
“It’s so inappropriate.”
I failed to see it.
Not sure how long this video is going to be on .. speed up to 3:30 time mark ..

I happen to like her look. Although her voice can’t compare with Mariah Carey but I think she’s a fine entertainer.
we each have given a certain type of figure and talent (fate) .. our metabolism differs. Sure everyone heard someone had said that s/he would gain weight by just drinking water.. Why obsesses with something you don’t have? The new year resolution, people? Eating healthy and stay active. And enjoy what you have, figuratively and numerically and .. that apply to relationships and children.
What’s your new year resolution?
Lord, can’t believe it’s 2010. What have I done in 2009 or since 2000? How would a father (do I get the title right here? or a priest or whatever.. ) console me about time wasted?
In our younger days, time passed as it is, day by day. Now as we age, time passed as a gulp (as vs sip) – the winter block begins at Thanksgiving and ends by Chinese New Year. It used to be skiing outings, now my kids refuse to go so .. I pack it with parties, gatherings, and more eatings .. Not enough weekends? Be creative, schedule two in a single day. The summer block begins as the weather warm enough to play tennis outdoor, ends at too-cold-to-play-outdoors. Now I get up at dark to play, 6:30am (to whenever) or before bedtime at 10pm till midnight. I’m cheap, should have a bed installed at USTA. Seriously. Few times I got home at 12:30am and had to get up in about 5 hours for the 6:30am game. We’re talking about craziness dedication here. Nuts is what I call it.
This one is just in case the above one being removed due to some legality.

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