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On the rock

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6-3 n 2-6

A 75º day and cloudless: perfect for tennis. I never ran myself breathless like this one. We won two games in the second set after being down 0-5… A great game.

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6-2, 6-3

Another glorious day for tennis 🎾


虽然赢了 怎么觉得输的一塌糊涂
犹太问 菊花吗?哪里买的?
俺 中国带来的
犹太 中国的东西不靠谱 不敢吃 …
说的特别自然 …

旁边场 一爸教儿子
1 他应该去教球的场
2 他不停讲电话 很大声
另外一犹太 说 请到外面打电话

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4-6, 2-6

The weather couldn’t be any nicer. I’ve taken too many photos of this little park but when it turned … I just take more, can’t help myself.

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6-3, 4-6, 6-2

The day after the 2020 election … Yeah a win finally 2:1. We’ve got visitors [愉快] sweeties, do come often

盆友来探监 带着他的宝贝儿女 – 同一个妈生的. 每四个星期需要去一次美容: 朝九晚五. 哎 做个🐶也不容易呀 [调皮] 乖乖做人吧

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