Stan’s PJ

Talking about Stan Wawrinka’s wardrobe. His opponent Fernando Verdasco, this time, out done him thou, in spite everyone is into yellow fever. Then there’s the plumber Sam Querrey, forever conservative. Go Sam, beat him and advance!

image image image

Girls’ skirts are pretty short

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Yellow fever

This has to be the most uniformed Open so far: every one is wearing the same neon/florescence color of yellow, men and women. At some singles matches the two players wearing identical outfit. Zhang Shuai is very tanned, still playing – she’s considering retirement before.

image image image image IMG_5072 image image

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Crescent moon on the tree top

Today the spider didn’t take down the web… Played 4 sets with only one win. It’s a glorious day out. Crescent moon on the tree top 🌛

image image image image image  image image image image

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Meritocracy 任人唯贤

Although connections 关系 often get you to the front line but if you’re willing to work hard, you probably would get your chance.

Dan was one of the membership staff @ Equinox who signed me up initially in Nov 2012. In December he emailed me to say that they’vea special agreement with my spouse’s company that’s 1/3 off with a few fringe benefits. At the time, my husband had no idea at all to join a health club. But the 1/3 off got him thinking … and soon he signed up too.

I’ve no idea how Dan found out about my husband’s employer. In any case, he did his homework. We’re both rather happy, till now. Except the weakening water pressure.

During Dan’s tenure at the club, I canceled my membership a few times due to extended trip and returned smoothly, every time. Two years ago Dan got promotion to become the membership director at another branch. So this time after my return fm a trip, re-signing up (reinstall) was problematic. Actually, it’s bit confusing at cancellation since no one seemed to know what to do. When I went back to the club, first two women staffer didn’t know how to handle me. They graciously let me used the club in the mean time till the third woman called me in a few days later, and signed me up as a new member with 1 year long commitment. This type of membership means you’ll be fined if you cancel before you fulfill the year long contract.

I asked Dan for advice, even he’s at another branch now. He replied immediately and clearly:

It would just be a reinstatement of your membership. Regardless though, the company memberships are month to month because the company corporate agreement instructions state that cancellations can be submitted at any time. They would just take in effect at months end. Also, even if it was a year contract, based on “Equinox rules”, you’ve been a continuous Equinox member since I signed you up back in 2012. Your breaks of membership have not been longer than 90 days. So technically, you are well out of your 1 year obligation. If you need to submit a cancellation, you’ll be able to.

What would happened if a new employee signs up and then wants to cancel it within first few months? – Less than a year. Which rule governs here?

If it’s a brand new membership under the Citi corporate, it would be an initial 90 day commitment, but after that, month to month

Chinese has proverb three heads are better than one (三个臭皮匠胜过一个诸葛亮). If one of the three women has done a little homework, this would not have happened. Dan’s promo was well deserved.


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Qualifying rounds at the Open

It’s held free to the public from Tuesday, Aug. 23, to Friday, Aug. 26, and consists of 128 men and 128 women competing for the final 32 entries (16 men and 16 women) in the 2016 US Open singles draws.



A new roof and many improvements

IMG_4974 IMG_4977 IMG_4975 IMG_4982 IMG_4984 IMG_5079 IMG_5078 IMG_5069 IMG_5070

1st round, Moscow born American Dennis Novikov (in orange) beat Italian Federico Gaio in 3 set – he bent a lot when serving. In the beginning we rooted for the neutralized American [Gaio looks like a plumber  -:)] but soon found his manner to be childish … Mitchell Krueger’s outfit is pretty neat. Both Americans advanced. Before we left, we caught the last few games of Canadian Francoise Abanda’s win over Sílvia Soler-Espinosa in 3 sets.

IMG_5014 IMG_5049 IMG_5073

Something or someone … reading the New York Times isn’t uncommon.

IMG_5063 IMG_5065 IMG_5066 IMG_4981 IMG_4967 IMG_5043 IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_4998

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US Open 2016

8.29-9.11 is the tourney.

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Rained out

We went to three courts @ three locations, being chased by the sudden rain, rather forceful downpour. From our original location Syosset, we moved to Syosset-Woodbury Community Park, 1.6 miles south. However, the blue sky didn’t last long. As I was driving on the highway, the blue sky is blue! Finally, there’s a dry land.

IMG_4879 image image image image image

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Flooded …

We’ve a huge downpour this afternoon. And, our gym Equinox is flooded, reportedly is from the ground floor bathroom. Talking about water: the pressure of show has weakened considerably over the years, and especially now. It’s no fun taking it any more. The slow water really is a drain.


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We, my partner and I played well today: 6-1, 1-6 and 6-0. The last set was against my formal partner who loves to drink and commentating.

image image image

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4-6 and 6-4

A very humid hot summer day. Played with a girl and it’s 1-1. Not too bad, given it’s our first time playing together.

image 08-13 image image

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