Shanghai Masters

ATP October 8-16, Shanghai, China. Andy Murray took the title, who also won a week earlier in Beijing.

Again, it rains. On street parking is far. My cousin said previously, the tournament/parking contractor provided shuttle bus only to the match. Late in the night when the match was over, the shuttle buses had long disappeared. As it turns out, we walked to our car during the last match – there’s no shuttle bus.

The ticket price is expensive, compare to Beijing. At

1476403286_img_9082 1476397772_img_9047 1476402223_img_9079 1476403722_img_9084

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The 1980 miracle on ice


The legendary game at 1980 olympics when the USA college kids won over Russian professionals.

image image image image image image

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China Open

Beijing, China, September 25 to October 9. Andy Murray and Agnieska Radwanska won the singles titles respectively.

In spite of rain, on the way there, we see plenty scalpers. Some are miles away from the stadium. The arena is rather empty. The court-box 贵宾包厢 seats (¥500, far more reasonable than the ATP tourney in Shanghai) have many children, some of them are really into the match. Zhang Shuai prevails over American Alison Riske in three sets. We didn’t stay for the second set.

img_6994 img_7004 img_7025 img_7023 img_7005 img_7009

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Playing through the pain …

During the 6th inning of Mets vs Miami Marlins, one of the commentators said that one of the older player had said to a younger one (I’m only half watching, multi tasking, as usual) that if you want to be a super star, not just a good ball player, you’ve to play through pains.

It’s so true.

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We were 0-2 to start off but played well to win the set, retired in the second set. The new tennis ball and two older one, the contrast.

img_5899 img_5900 img_5893 img_5903 img_5904 img_5898


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Jamie Murray won the doubles title

Yes, one trophy for doubles. Wondering who keeps it?

image image image image image image

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Women’s final

Pliskova is pretty and seems effortless where Kerber is like, Cinderella, hard working and that’s it. She won an award for being the nicest girl on tour.

image image image image image image

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The opening ceremony

Women’s final, winner takes home $3.5m.

image image image image image image

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Peking duck any one?


  • 有栈桥画面更丰满、立体[呲牙]
  • 夕阳居中,水面有栈桥,线条比较丰富,画面感强,远近的层次比3饱满的多

Getting up early to work. Face the spider by the entrance again, and some evidence of the ducks and gooses – someone is more diligent than I’m -:). Most friends rated the top one @ 7am over the third one below. A similar one from last week.

img_5463 img_5471 img_5468

A very humid day, temp is at 70+ but sweat streaming down my little braids. 6-4 and 6-7. What do you do when the players in your group never opens a can of balls and has bad line calls consistently?


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Have you tried today?

imageHere is the video. Another blink moment. This is the last shot Kerber hit to the baseline and won the semi final match. Caroline Wozniacki has challenger but chose not to use it. Everyone is wondering why didn’t Caroline challenge it? No one will hand you a victory unless you try. You’ll have to earn it.

I watched part of Wozniacki’s and Kerber’ interview. No one asked about the last point.

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