6-4, 6-4, 4-6

It’s in the 50s but feels warm. And it is very tranquil.

Sunshine … light … laughters …

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4-6, 4-6

63° and sunny. Recently, I remembered to change my grip a little when serving, and getting pretty good result, not to mention feeling good and fresh.

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6-2, 6-1, 2-6

A pretty daisy 雏菊 in November and a warm day for the season: 61°. Something yellow and pretty. Actually the color was far more vivid last week.


Saw the 2009 ATP final photos on my FB, thought to share them here. This is the last year to be held at O2 in London, the 12nd – they’re moving to Italy starting next year.

The 2009 group included Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Robin Soderling, Juan Martin del Potro, Fernando Verdasco and Nikolai Davydenko.

Davydenko won the 2009 title over Del Potro. He finished the week 4-1 and picked up a check for $1.5 million. The Russian ousted Federer in the semifinals while Del Potro topped Soderling.

Since then, London winners have included Federer (2010-11), Djokovic (2012-15), Murray (2016), Grigor Dimtrov (2017), Alexander Zverev (2018) and Stefanos Tsitsipas (2019).

Federer would have qualified this year alongside Nadal and Djokovic, but he’s dealing with a knee injury. A lot has changed this particular year with social distancing so the photoshoot results aren’t quite the same …

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6-2, 2-6, 2-6

With different partner.


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6-4, 6-2

All played well. The biggest news is Kim Ng was named GM for Miami Marlines baseball team. The first girl to head a major league team. Wow!!! Drink to that!

昨天伍佩琴 Kim Ng 被命名迈亚密棒球队总经理GM 破先例 牛呀. 她有四个细路妹. 老爸教他的娘子军们打球, 包括🎾. 她在纽约皇后区和长岛上过学. 她芝加哥大学毕业后就开始在棒球队里打滚儿.

想起2006年 橄榄球🏈的专员退休. 他们非常想请 Condi Rice 接任. 她也有意 … 只可惜时机差 – 她当时在任国务卿… 咋就不能等一等呀?

长话短说 二个妞都牛

题外话 14亿中国人 咋就出不来一个🇫🇷🚴 冠军呀?

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6-2, 1-4

The doubles game has two new players: I’ve met and played with one of them a long time ago. It’s a small world, indeed.

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On the rock

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6-3 n 2-6

A 75º day and cloudless: perfect for tennis. I never ran myself breathless like this one. We won two games in the second set after being down 0-5… A great game.

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6-2, 6-3

Another glorious day for tennis 🎾


虽然赢了 怎么觉得输的一塌糊涂
犹太问 菊花吗?哪里买的?
俺 中国带来的
犹太 中国的东西不靠谱 不敢吃 …
说的特别自然 …

旁边场 一爸教儿子
1 他应该去教球的场
2 他不停讲电话 很大声
另外一犹太 说 请到外面打电话

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4-6, 2-6

The weather couldn’t be any nicer. I’ve taken too many photos of this little park but when it turned … I just take more, can’t help myself.

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