The Waiwan issue @ Wimbledon

What a wonderful morning! A 32 years old Chinese woman from Taiwan took out Simona Halep in 3 sets. The Romanian’s grunt is just too hard to stomach – like a wild beast on her last breath. Gosh she’s gone now.

Hsieh of Taiwan took a set from the screamer … go Hsieh! 台湾妞(高雄)对野喊 第三局. 希望台湾妞妞赢. Halep 长的不难看 肉糊糊的 但是她的声嘶力竭 实在是太难听了.  声 比美野人.

During the interview, I saw this logo … not the Taiwan flag that I’ve never seen it before. THen the commentator said, Chinese Taibei. Bingo. She just answered my question. China is flexing her muscle everywhere now, from the air to the ground. … Checking the schedule on Monday, the Taiwan flag returns but she’s lost  …


Yesterday, Mackenzie McDonald won his match too!


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Americans in London on 4th of July

Today’s American winners @ Wimbledon:

  • Venue
  • Serena
  • Maddy Keys
  • Mackenzie McDonald
  • Sam Querrey

Americans in London – Happy 7.4 🍷 🍻 . In the past, July 4th was usually the final – the saying went – Who’ll be the King of England. 今天是国庆 5个🇺🇸球员赢了 另外两个没有打完. 5⃣是新面孔 McDonald 麦当劳 希望有发展


For a decade, from 1992 to 2000, American men dominated the tennis. Out of nine years, eight years won by American men in singles. Seven went to Pete Sampras. Andre Agassi won 1992. 不知道是不是天气的关系现在温网开始的比较迟. 九十年代国庆前后是决赛了- 那时的口号是 who’ll be the king … 男单1992-2000 8年都是🇺🇸人赢. 93和99是 all American final. Pete Sampras 赢了其中7🏆 帅… 风水轮流转.



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A fairytale Stanley Cup 2018

What a fairytale 🏒 Stanley Cup … The cave man [调皮] Alexander Ovechkin 是当代人喔 看似山洞人但是非常可爱,受欢迎. Stanley Cup 是最好看. DC 首都队赢得他们第一个🏆. 1⃣ 是联盟专员(长岛小律师)6⃣左是队主 (群照他站在最边上… 好懂事…) 拉斯维加斯赌城今天热闹但是没有首都热闹. 恭喜🍾
每次去DC 都会去看他们打 洞人8号可爱 [强] 高兴他终于赢了🏆
There’s a really good documentary Evgeny Kuznetsov (#92) was only a little boy in Russia 🇷🇺
T. J. Oshie is great too [强]


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The thunder

They grunt louder than auto racing [捂脸] 她们的声嘶力竭比赛车🏁还响…

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Emerald green

Emerald green French Open 祖母绿的法网[偷笑]. One semis is all Americans 准决赛 🇺🇸 [强] which means an American will be playing the final. Way to go girl

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Las Vegas Golden Knights

🏒 What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 🏒 won’t be true any more newly minted team goes to Stanley Cup final [愉快] 赌城第一年的冰球新队进了决赛 … 太阳底下啥事都会有 [鼓掌]

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A comparison on the top 3 men

French Open is coming up, a friend did the following stats on the top 3 men:



大满贯 (Grand Slam/7轮5局3胜):
Federer: 17
Nadal: 14
Djokovic: 10

大师赛 (Master1000/6轮3局2胜):
Nadal: 32
Djokovic: 30
Federer: 28

总赢数 (Total Winning Matches):
Federer: 1,149
Nadal: 995
Djokovic: 795

总赛金 (Career Money):
Federer: $120mm
Djokovic: $ 105mm
Nadal: $75mm

性价比 (平均每场比赛赢赛金):
Djokovic: $133k
Federer: $104k
Nadal: $75k

Djokovic vs Federer: 50%+
Djokovic vs Nadal: 50%+

Federer: 36
Nadal: 32
Djokovic: 31整[白眼]

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A new stadium @ USTA

a new stadium is just about to complete.


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Golden girls

Congrats to the golden girls This is heir first win in 20 years, since they won the in 1998 when it became an olympic game. Since then Canada dominated the gold medal podium. 🏒 美国队赢了 🎉 上次赢是1998 之后都是加拿大. 想念Julie Chu 她打了3⃣ 届奥运 2006-14,2银1铜. 她在哈佛的记录 协助得分到2011 才被破. 她的伴侣是加拿大冰球队的 Caroline Ouellette (2002-14)赢了4⃣个金牌. 她们是对手喔 [捂脸] … 赢不了娶回家 can’t beat them marry them [愉快] 她们四个月前生了一个女儿 恭喜

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This is out of boundary

Equinox closes at 2pm yesterday and today. The parking lot is pretty full in the early afternoon. As I was taking shower, a cleaning woman came in, staring at me. I was stunned. I said excuse me … She made no move. “Get out.” I shouted. She left then came back twice!!!!!! When I came out of the shower she followed me with hateful stares. I felt violated, insulted, intimidate and humiliated. I went to the front desk, one of the staff went to talk to her. She made no apology instead of saying I said fxxx her.

Over the years all the cleaning crew is nice and show us great courtesy. At least I return with consideration and courtesy. This woman is something else.

What  a way to start Christmas … well, the silver lining …


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