Mixed Doubles Season Local Rules

Mixed Doubles Season Local Rules

All captains and players are responsible for following the rules and regulations

Governing Rules

USTA Adult leagues are divided into layers of organization: National, Sectional (Eastern), Regional (Metro), District (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn), and then Divisions. Three levels of rules apply: The USTA League Tennis Regulations (National), the USTA Eastern rules (Section), and the Local Rules (District). In addition, The Code (The Player’s Guide for Un-officiated Matches) applies. The local rules are to be read in a manner consistent with the Sectional and National rules whenever possible and are not intended to supplant those rules. The local rules are intended to identify only the most essential portions of the National and Sectional rules and only depart from those rules as authorized by the USTA and whenever deemed necessary and advisable by local league administration. Any players who use The Code to quote a rule during a match must be able to produce a copy of that rule.

Captain’s Responsibilities

Captains are responsible for the administration of their team for the entire season.  Duties include: player recruitment; arranging match payments and refunds; reporting scores on TennisLink; sending points to their coordinator; arranging lineups and ensuring that team players are on-level, registered and fully informed of league rules. Captains are to show cooperation and courtesy to all players, captains and coordinators.

Captains are responsible for ensuring new players do not have a current computer rating from any other US state. Captains should check a players’ level of play before the player “self rates”.

Captains who wish to captain more than 1 team must have the approval of the league coordinator.

Player Registration

Registration fees on TennisLink are $33 (includes $10 USTA registration fee + $23 roster fee). This is in addition to USTA Membership ($40 per year)

Players must register before their match. It is the captain’s responsibility to check that their players have registered before they play a match and before the registration deadline (whichever comes first). Any team that plays an unregistered player will default the points for that court to the opposing team. The second time the team plays an unregistered player, they will forfeit all points earned for that match (the opposing team will only be awarded points for the court with the unregistered player). The third time will result in disciplinary action against the captain.

USTA computer ratings are valid for 3 years for players under 60 years old, and for 2 years for players 60 and over. Players must use their current computer rating. Computer rated players may appeal their year end rating on-line by using the automated process on TennisLink. NOTE: Championship benchmarks may not be appealed during the 1st year received.

Players who do not have a computer rating on file in TennisLink shall self-rate in accordance with the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) Guidelines and complete the self-rating process on TennisLink when registering. Omission of information regarding a player’s tennis history will subject the player (and any captain and/or others who condoned inaccurate self-rating) to sanctions and disqualification. Players should self-rate at the level where they will be competitive, not at a level where they will dominate.

A captain who completes a player’s self-rate questionnaire will be held responsible for the answers provided. Once a player has registered with a self-rating, any rating appeals must be filed through the Eastern Section.

Register Online at http://tennislink.usta.com/leagues using your USTA membership # and 10 digit team code
Registration deadline: March 1, 2010

Team Match Fees ($27 per player per match)
All fees must be paid in full by January 25, 2010. Failure to pay team fees by the deadline will result in match cancellation and/or players being excluded from future Metrotennis CTA league play. NOTE: Matches played prior to the deadline must be paid for by 5pm the day prior to the match date.

Match fees are paid online: www.metrotennis.com -> USTA League Tennis->Queens League-> Pay for matches.
Report any payment problems to your coordinator. Do not contact the USTA or Eastern offices; they are not involved with match payments.

Player Participation:
Roster Limits: Team rosters are limited to 22 players.
Only the following pairings are allowed:
6.0 = 3.0/3.0 or 3.5/2.5 or 3.0/2.5
7.0 = 3.5/3.5 or 4.0/3.0 or 3.5/3.0
8.0 = 4.0/4.0 or 4.5/3.5 or 4.0/3.5
9.0 = 4.5/4.5 or 5.0/4.0 or 4.5/4.0

If a team plays a pairing that is ineligible, any points earned for that court will be awarded to the opposing team.

A player may not play more than one level above their rating (a 3.0 player can play at 6.0 & 7.0, but not 8.0).  A doubles pair cannot play more than .5 pt above their combined rating level (3.5 & 3.0 partners can play at 7.0, but not at 8.0).

Players may play on more than one team per season BUT NOT at the same league level in the same district. For example: A 3.5 player may play on a Manhattan 7.0 team. S/he may also play in another district and/or region at that level. Players/teams that choose to play in more than one district or region will not be given any special consideration in the scheduling of matches.

This is an amateur, recreational league. Players may not accept any gifts, money or incentives for playing in a match from anyone, including captains. Assistance with the payment of match fees, registration and/or USTA membership is allowed.

Pre-Match Preparation and Court Cancellation
1. Contact your players a few days prior to the match to confirm they know the correct date, time and location for the match. Players should be told to arrive at least 15 mins prior to their match time.
2. Call the club a few days prior to the match. Verify the team level, team number, number of courts needed and match time. Errors do occur. If there is a discrepancy, contact your coordinator immediately. If you do not confirm with the club in advance, Metro will not be responsible for reimbursement of court fees.
3. Contact the opposing team captain at least 48 hours prior to the match. Verify the time, place and potential forfeits.
Canceling Courts: ONLY COORDINATORS MAY CANCEL COURTS. The canceling captain must phone, and email, the coordinator and opposing captain indicating which court they are cancelling. The coordinator will confirm by email when the court has been cancelled. If you cannot reach your coordinator, contact another coordinator (see list at the end of these rules) or the Metrotennis office.
***In order to receive a refund, the court must be cancelled before 3pm the day prior to the match. Any captain who does not follow these procedures will not be eligible for a refund.

Rescheduling Courts: Each team may request the re-schedule of a maximum of 3 courts per season. NOTE: You can only re-schedule one court per match — 3rd doubles. All re-schedule requests must be submitted no later than January 15, 2010. One date will be given for the re-schedule. If either team can not make the re-schedule date, the requesting team must forfeit.
NOTE: Teams who represent Metro at a sectional or national playoff may be allowed to re-schedule courts. The captain must submit their request at least 3 weeks in advance and indicate which players will be competing at playoffs.

1. Return calls/emails to your captain to confirm your attendance at your upcoming match.
2. If you are delayed getting to a match due to traffic, inform your captain (or call the club) as soon as possible.
3. Plan to arrive at the club at least 15 minutes prior to the match start time.

Forfeits + Defaults
Forfeits: when a captain knows in advance that they are short a player(s) for the match. Always notify the opposing captain and your coordinator immediately and ensure the court has been cancelled. (See Canceling Courts). The forfeit takes place at 3rd doubles.

Suggestion: At the beginning of the season, captains should decide on a team policy regarding the amount of notice a scheduled player must give in order to be reimbursed by a substitute player for their match.

Legal Match: Teams must field two courts for the match to be considered an eligible match. A team that forfeits and entire match without “due cause” may have all points earned for the season removed. The entire team, at the discretion of the local coordinator, may not be permitted to play next season.

Default: when player listed on the scorecard fails to show within 15 minutes after the match time. Players arriving onto the assigned court more than 15 minutes after the match start time may be defaulted at the discretion of the opposing team (having been so advised before the start of match play on that court.) If players from both teams arrive 15 minutes or later onto the same court, neither or both teams will be defaulted, depending on the circumstances.

Double defaults: Neither team will be awarded points for the defaulted court.

Extenuating circumstances including, but not limited to, extreme weather/travel conditions (i.e. snowstorms, bridge or tunnel closings, fires, tornadoes and major street closings). A coordinator has the power to extend the default time by 15 minutes — depending on the situation. If you can not reach any of the coordinators, play the match in good faith and deal with the legalities later.

Line Ups + Scorecards
If the captain or co-captain are not present at the match, an acting captain must be assigned. The acting captain must be on the team roster, be familiar with the Eastern and Queens Mixed Doubles Rules, and have the local rules document with them at the match.
Print a blank scorecard from TennisLink using your match number. Clearly print the first and last names of your players on the scorecard and notate the court number. Order of strength is advised to ensure competitive play.

Scorecards must be exchanged simultaneously between captains AT LEAST 5 minutes prior to the match start time. Teams must present a line up at this time, even if all players are not yet present**. It is strongly recommended that in addition to the captain, another player on the team know the line-up for the match. Once scorecards are exchanged, changes to the line-up can ONLY be made if there is an illness or injury during the warm up.
**Defaults MUST occur from the bottom up. If a doubles player is missing at the end of the warm-up, the line-up MUST be adjusted and that team put into the 3rd doubles position. The 2nd and 3rd doubles teams will be moved up 1 position – no changes in the teams are allowed. 3rd doubles MUST be the first court defaulted.

If clocks are not present on the court, the captains must clearly define the match ending device for each court (i.e. buzzer, watches, etc) at the time of scorecard exchange.

It is the responsibility of the players to make sure they are on the correct court with the proper opponents. Captains should give their players the names of their opponents when sending them to their court. All matches stand as played.

Players must report their scores to the captain. Captains will enter the scores on the scorecard and circle the winner‟s names. Scores should be written from the winners’ perspective, e.g., 6-0, 6-3. Do not write 0-6, 3-6

Both captains must sign the scorecards. Scorecards should be kept and be available to send to the coordinator in the case of a discrepancy.

Match Play
Match play is 2 hours, with a 3rd set tie-breaker in lieu of 3rd set.

Each team fields 6 players per match (3 men/3 women). Order of strength is encouraged to ensure competitive play.
The points awarded are: 1D = 6pts, 2D = 4pts, 3D = 3pts

Games are regular scoring, with a 7-point tie-break when 6-6 in games is reached during the first 2 sets. If you split sets, a 10-point tiebreak will be played in lieu of the 3rd set. The first team to 7 (regular tie-break) or 10 (tie-break in lieu of a 3rd set), by a 2 point lead, wins. Play continues until the 2 point lead is reached. Coman rotation is used for all tie-breaks: teams switch sides after the first point, and then after every 4th point (after 1st, 5th, 9th point, etc.)

Timing Matches: If a clock is visible from the courts, then players must go by the time on that clock. If no clock is visible, players must use the match ending device determined by their captains.
Warm ups may take no more than fifteen minutes, including service practice. If a player arrives on court prior to the default time, they will are only entitled to a 5 minute warm-up. Under no circumstances may a match start more than 20 minutes past the match start time.

A 2 min break is permitted between the 1st and 2nd set only. Play is continuous between the 2nd set and the 3rd set tie break unless there is a changeover (when the usual 90 second changeover applies). 90 seconds on changeovers. 20 seconds between points. No coaching is allowed between or during sets.
All cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off during matches. Players may not use cell phones courtside.

Line calls: If line calls become an issue among opponents on court, the players on court can ask one person from each team or can agree on a single person to assist with calls. The observers may ONLY overrule incorrect calls (rather than rule on every ball) and can make calls only on balls they can clearly see.

Matches cannot be extended over the 2 hour time period. Please do not try to talk club staff into letting you play on. This will jeopardize the league being able to use the clubs.

Unfinished Matches (matches not completed within 2 hours)
FIVE MINUTE RULE: if 5 minutes or more remain before the end of the match, you MUST start and attempt to complete the next game. If less than 5 minutes remain, do NOT start a new game.

A game in progress at the end of the time period is stopped and not counted. A tie-break in progress should be completed unless circumstances make it impossible to do so (players are waiting to use the courts, club maintenance staff is waiting for the courts or the club turns off the lights).

For Unfinished Matches, if the match ends under the following circumstances, the scoring is as follows:

  • In the 3rd set 10 pt tiebreak (also counts as a game and a set): Every attempt should be made to finish the 3rd set tie break unless impractical (see above). If the tiebreak is not completed, then the match is a tie with split sets. An incomplete 3rd set tie break does not count.
  • Split sets, with no time left to start the 3rd set tiebreak: The points for that court are split.
  • If the 2nd set is unfinished: Only completed games count.
  1. The team that won the first set, and the score is a tie or on serve in 2nd set, wins all the points.
  2. The team that won the first set and is ahead in the 2nd set by 1 break or more, wins all the points.
  3. The team that won the first set but is losing the 2nd set by 1 break or more, points are split.
  • A game in progress at the end of the time period is not counted.

Score Reporting (two steps for captains)
1. TennisLink Match Results Entry (within 24 hrs of the match)
Both captains (or a player on the roster) must enter and/or confirm the match results on TennisLink within 24 hours. http://tennislink.usta.com/leagues -> enter your USTA member # ->record a score -> enter your match code #
Any team that fails to confirm scores within 48 hours, loses the right to dispute those scores. Repeated failure to enter match scores will result in captain sanctions.
When entering scores into TennisLink, please observe the following:

  • The 3rd set tiebreak is entered as 1-0.
  • Ties cannot be entered: Enter the scores from the home team’s perspective and declare the home team the winner.
  • Unfinished matches: Enter as “timed match” if TennisLink will let you; otherwise select “retired”. Declare the winner.
  • Defaults/Forfeits: Enter the players names who were available for the defaulted court, the score as 6-0, 6-0, and declare a default.
  • Double defaults: Do not enter any player names; use “double default” option.
  • Rescheduled courts: Enter “double default” for the rescheduled court(s). After the rescheduled match has been played, email the result (match number, names and scores) to your coordinator for TennisLink entry.

2. Team points/standings – posted on www.metrotennis.com
Both teams must email the following information to their coordinator within 24 hours after the match:
Match code, date of match, team A = * pts + team B = * pts. No other information is necessary.

Please do not expect your coordinator to search TennisLink to find the match results. TennisLink does not use the Metro points system and will not upload the points to the Scores & Results page on www.metrotennis.com.

Player and Spectator Etiquette

A warning and consequently a penalty may apply as a result of any player, captain or spectator interfering with match play and abusing the code of conduct. This includes disruptive behavior on or off the court.
Warm ups. Some players confuse warm ups and practices. A player should make an effort to hit shots directly to their opponent. If players prefer to warm up their partners, they may do so.
The server should call the score loudly and clearly before each serve. All players are responsible for making sure they have heard and understood the score. If all players on a court forget the score, go back to the point that everyone agrees on.

Make all line calls clearly and immediately on your side of the court. If there is doubt between partners, the ball is good. If an out call is corrected, whether the point is to be replayed or point given to the opposing team, depends on the circumstances. See “The Code” Part 2 Making Calls #12. For your convenience, there is a link to The Code on Metrotennis.com

Unless invited by the opposing team, players may not cross to their opponent’s side of the court to check a mark.
Spectators (including players and captains) watching matches:

  • May not talk to players on the court.
  • May not coach, either verbally or visually
  • May not comment or make visual signals on line calls.
  • May not cause any distractions to the players from a viewing position off the court.
  • May not get involved with any dispute between the players on the court. A captain may offer clarification on a match rule only if asked by a player.
  • May not interrupt a match in progress for any reason.
  • May not sit on the court. All courts have a viewing area for spectators.

Protocol At Clubs
League players are guests at the clubs and should adhere to club policy at all times.

Players must not go to their courts until their match start time. Clubs have asked the leagues to abide by this. Do not „bump‟ members off of their courts because it is match time. Politely inform the previous players that it is “time”, and allow them to finish one or two points. If they choose not to finish in a timely manner, speak to the staff at the desk of the club.
Players are expected to dress in proper tennis attire. Cut off shirts, shorts, aerobic outfits and sports bras (in lieu of a top) are not allowed. Clubs require that all players use TENNIS sneakers on the courts (no cross trainers, running shoes or other sports shoes allowed).
Do not jeopardize the league/club relationships by arguing or berating the staff at the clubs. Try to resolve issues in an orderly manner and treat staff with courtesy at all times. The clubs don’t tolerate this behavior from club members and certainly not from league players, who are guests.

If a player/captain wishes to file a complaint against another person in the league, the team captain must submit the complaint to Deb-Rose Andrews (Debrose@metrotennis.com) within 48 hours of the match that precipitated the complaint. For full grievance procedures, see the Rules section on www.metrotennis.com

Local Playoffs
Points are cumulative throughout the season; the team with the most points at the end of the season wins. These points are posted on metrotennis.com on the Scores & Results page. In the event of a tie in points at the end of the season, the team who has lost the least sets overall advances. (See USTA Regulations, fig.3.03I, “Procedures in the event of a tie” starting with least sets lost.)

The playoff schedule is determined at the sole discretion of the league coordinator, and matches may be scheduled at any time during the designated playoff period.

Leagues with 8 or more teams have been divided into 2 or more divisions:
1 division of 4 or more teams: there will be a playoff at the end of the season between 1st and 2nd place teams.

2 divisions: the top two teams in each division advance to playoffs. The 1st place team of each division will play the 2nd place team of the opposite division. The winners then play in a final match.

3 divisions: the 1st place team of each division, and the 2nd place team with the most points (amongst all the divisions) will go to playoff’s.

Player Qualification for Playoffs

Players must play at least two times in the local season to be eligible for Flight/District, Regional and Sectional playoffs. Only 1 of these matches can be a default.
If two teams are scheduled for regional or sectional championship and those teams share at least 30% of their eligible players, the teams must choose which district/region they will represent. The remaining team must concede their playoff spot to the second place team. The league coordinator must be notified no later than 48 hours following the conclusion of the deciding match.

Players who play on two teams who go to championships (region, section or national) may play on both teams in the same championship provided they are at different NTRP levels, and if the championship schedule permits. Requests to reschedule championship matches to accommodate players on multiple teams will not be accepted.

Players who play on two or more teams at the same NTRP level in different regions in the Eastern Section must declare which team they will represent should more than one team qualify for a region or section championship.

Teams eligible for playoffs must have all scores up to date in TennisLink in order to advance.

Playoff Dates
The playoff schedule is determined at the sole discretion of the league coordinator and may be altered. All teams will be notified of the exact dates once they are finalized.

  • District playoffs: tbd (National Tennis Center)
  • Regional Playoffs: May (National Tennis Center)
  • Eastern Sectional Playoffs : June 4-6 in Schenectady
  • National Mixed Doubles: tbd

League Contact Information
Local League Coordinator -Metro: Deborah-Rose Andrews ~ Debrose@metrotennis.com,
(917) 576-7926 – cell; (718) 380-9023 – home
Metrotennis CTA Treasurer (for payment issues): Pam Glick ~pamglick@aol.com
Metrotennis CTA office: (718) 639-8936
Level Coordinators

6.0 Mixed: Susan Peck – speck222@verizon.net, (917) 319-3568
7.0 Mixed: Cheung Wong – ywong@dcas.nyc.gov; (347) 612-1490
8.0 Mixed: Denise Fiallo – denise.fiallo@gmail.com; (917) 405-8251

Please visit http://www.metrotennis.com for the following information:
National, Eastern and Metro Rules
Paying For Matches
Points and Standings of league matches
Directions to clubs
Refund Policy
Grievance Policy

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