Our third Queens match ..

The Manhattan League regular season has concluded and we made the playoffs with the lowest points among the three divisions. The three first place teams/2nd in terms of points:

Div I: 92/82.5
Div II: 95.5/89
Div III: 122.5/83

The wild card belongs to Div II Bricker/Ford. DIII Team 17-Dawes scored an eye popping 122.5 out of possible 130 points (10 matches). My goodness gracious. My 2010 Queens team raked in 122 out of 11 matches (143 possible pts).

Last night our Queens team did poorly, lost first and second doubles. One of the pairs had bagel in the first set and was leading 3-0 in the second but ultimately lost the match. The mates didn’t have a good evening. The opponents played well.

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