Peking duck any one?


  • 有栈桥画面更丰满、立体[呲牙]
  • 夕阳居中,水面有栈桥,线条比较丰富,画面感强,远近的层次比3饱满的多

Getting up early to work. Face the spider by the entrance again, and some evidence of the ducks and gooses – someone is more diligent than I’m -:). Most friends rated the top one @ 7am over the third one below. A similar one from last week.

img_5463 img_5471 img_5468

A very humid day, temp is at 70+ but sweat streaming down my little braids. 6-4 and 6-7. What do you do when the players in your group never opens a can of balls and has bad line calls consistently?


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