Shanghai Masters

1476403286_img_9082ATP October 8-16, Shanghai, China. Andy Murray took the title, who also won a week earlier in Beijing.

A score of scalpers are at work, some stand miles away from the stadium. 

Again, it rains. Street parking only and is far. My cousin said previously, the tournament/parking contractor provided shuttle bus only to the match. Late in the night when the match was over, the shuttle buses had long disappeared. As it turns out, we walked to our car during the last match – there’s no shuttle bus.

The ticket price is expensive, compare to Beijing: at ¥680 (about US$100) we get upper level seats. The retractable ceiling is pretty. Aussie is promoting its grand slam, putting up the singles championship trophies for the fans – not to touch but to take a photo with. The food at the venue is terrible. Thanks lord we’ve home cooking, at last!

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🇩🇪的 Misha Zverev 领先地包天1局, 记者的大炮筒都对着他.  一路上的黄牛党. 球场好看的天花. Aussie Open 奖品. 6 神马东西呀?(俺还是吃的津津有味[嘘])世界第一出场了 📷

抢七 破点 挑战 … 学了. 这次2地看🎾 最有收获的是强迫 三个从来不看🎾的朋友发小一起来看. 有个立刻着迷的,回家重新看一遍转播 [强]. 亲们 还等什么,赶快上贼船吧 [太阳]
*** 为什么在🇨🇳的外国人也这么粗鲁,碰碰撞撞 … 加三… [猪头] ***

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