Singles line for a threesome

The fourth chickened out right before the match, so we played threesome. The first set was singles line for us and doubles line for the lonely player. We lost. Then they decided to play the singles line altogether … it was fun and we managed to win 3-2 over five sets.

The weather is glorious – the little wind (probably from the hurricane Dorian) at times could stir up some mishit. The autumn is here with my flowers.


🎾 3-2, a win with an unfair advantage
12,580 steps 步
有几个小鲜肉真的就是那么牛 🐂

小建议:三人行时 打单线 🎾 有趣

是同一丛 只是光线不同 – 春天刚刚开时是白色的

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