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Split second decision 当机立断

Blink moment: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, (2005) by Malcolm Gladwell. A very good book.

There were moments in life that require quick thinking, making split second decisions.

  • 2016.09.08, US Open semi final Kerber vs Wozniacki on match point
  • 2016.09.01, US Open Johnson v Del Potro
  • 2013.08.18, Cincinnati Serena v Victoria Azarenka
  • 2013.07.03, Wimbledom’s quarter final, Li Na v Radwanska

Yesterday during our losing (by a large margin) doubles game, I was at the net while my partner was receiving. The serve was very close to the line but was out. The etiquette in tennis goes like this:

  1. The person at the net usually calls the shot because of the proximity
  2. It’s your call once the ball is on your side of the court
  3. An out ball should be called immediately
  4. Tennis is a gentlemanly game. When you are unsure, you give opponent the benefit of the doubt, the point.

I hesitated.

The blink moment passed. My partner returned the serve. He could or should have called but he didn’t. After his racket made contact with the ball, he decided to call,
“I’m sorry Richard, but it’s out.”
By the end of his sentence, the ball had traveled to our opponent’s court and was way out.
We all knew the serve was long, but if I didn’t call it out, and my partner didn’t either and instead hitting it, it should stand as a good serve. Obviously he’s affect by my indecision and habitually struck the ball late, causing it gone out.

Don’t we all face such kind dilemma in life, when you’re hesitating, you might have missed an opportunity, or worst it not only affects you but those around you as well. Richard graciously agreed, took another first serve. But in real life, do we all get such generous second chance easily or often?

Li Na’s blink moment
Serena’s blink moment

一瞬间:不假思索的思考的力量,由马尔科姆·格拉德威尔(2005) 是本很好的书。

3.出界球必须马上叫,不马上叫 "出界"等于默认是好球






我常常觉得人生和网球如同同卵双胞胎. 连很多网球术语都应用我们的日常用语,脉脉相承。每场网球会有很多"一瞬间"。你把握好机会就会赢。我和我的搭档都没有。我优柔寡断把一个良机变成了损失。人生也有很多 "一瞬间",那叫机会。没有把握好机会,就会有时不我与之感。


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