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Flo Hyman 海曼

Flo Hyman (1954 – 1986), Lang Ping‘s idol, her enemy on court friend off court, was acknowledged as the best female volleyball player of her time. She built like a man and she was as powerful as a man.

Even better than Lang Ping, Hyman got the best spiker at their time. After her death, Lang Ping got the best spiker award.

One thing worth mentioning about Flo Hyman. She died on volleyball court in Italy when she was representing a Japanese team. With the money she earned, she was supporting 30+ black orphans in the U.S. After her death, the US team fell apart in 1988 Olympics.

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Lang Ping 郎平

Dancing Queen lent me her favored book, Jenny Lang‘s bio 郎平自传 激情岁月. I’ve never heard of this volleyball star since I don’t follow the sport. I finished the book in a day. Jenny is very thoughtful, considerate and balanced lady. I’d love to read on her account the match US defeat China 3:2 in Beijing in 2008 when she captained the US team .. to the consternation of ..? or she was still totally loved by the home crowds?

She mentioned the The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I saw the movie and was moved to tears.

I tried to look up her book on baidu or amazon China but couldn’t find it except some excerpts from her book on baidu. I don’t claim to be an able researcher.

Would volleyball attract more fans if the girls wear the bekinis (and the guys in G-string?) like the beach volleyball? What’s the merit of beach volleyball anyway? The 2nd or 3rd tier volleyballers? I enjoyed Gabrielle Reece. Are there male beach volleyball players?

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