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She’s heading toward another divorce

After only 15 months of marriage, former tennis pro Chris Evert and golf star Greg Norman have separated.

The sudden split has people speculating that Norman’s children may have put a wedge in the relationship and are partly to blame, reports the “Daily Mail.” According to Norman’s ex-wife, Laura Andrassy, 26-year-old Morgan and 23-year-old Greg “did not like Evert at all.”

Hmmmmm .. who are the adults here and who’s marriage it’s?

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Let’s play at Grand Central

031909courts.jpgCourtesy MAS
~ . ~

A long time ago I played at the Grand Central tennis, a capacious old attic on the third floor of Grand Central Terminal, located directly above Vanderbilt Hall. The courts were ok, not as comfortable as the newly renovated courts at USTA – given what it charged, $170 or so per hour. The lady’s locker room was down the narrow and raw hallway to right at the end, a little eerie. Metro-North administrators have decided to replace the courts with a rest area for conductors and train engineers.

Donald Trump had been leasing the courts for just $4 a square foot, while the average rent in the landmark terminal for restaurants and other retail shops is $99 a square foot.

Oh well .. it’s sad.

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