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Have to be careful

I made a mess by credited one game more in the first set and one game less in the second set. Although the out come isn’t affected in any way but a thick floury of emails changed from morning to afternoon.

Subject: the score was wrong, please correct it, it’s 6-3. 2-6, 0-1 instead of 6-4, 1-6 and 0-1

[the Flight Coordinator], can you please correct the score from last night’s match. Sorry I wasn’t there to sign off on the scores Irene.

the Flight Coordinator:

What court is this? I need all of the info so I can pass it on to the [league] coordinator.

It’s the second court which I entered 6-4, 1-6, 1-0. It should be 6-3, 2-6, 1-0.


GM .. and very sorry for the mess. Guess I didn’t help. … I couldn’t go back there and change it?

The other cap:

Nope, only the coordinator can. Should be an easy fix.

The the Flight Coordinator:

I need to have the captain that did not record the scores go in and dispute the scores so the coordinator can make the changes.

Looked like it’s [the Flight Coordinator]’s first time too .. The good news is, which means probably the wrong score never happened in the past; the bad news is, Irene committed the sin. Need to be careful to avoid such time consuming worthless correction in the future.
Thought about this joke:
A Chinese said “I’m sorry” to someone he just bumped into accidentally.
The White guy replied: “I’m sorry too.”
The Chinese (thinking two???) .. then “I’m sorry three.”
The White guy: “What are you sorry for?”
The Chinese (thinking four??? 怎么没完没了 endless..) .. “Okaaaay, I’m sorry five.”
ha ha ha .. I know I’m very funny … ha ha ha … Out of curiosity, I just tested the usta site, it detests the wrong scores (the top chart) .. good design.

Our last night’s match – the 9th was a good one, at least for me. I pulled myself together, thanks to my partner. However I failed to close the match when I was serving at 9:7 in the third set super tie break .. eventually we were able to win the next point. Very close. … I still hang around the no man zone!!
The flight coordinator sent out the spread sheet for the refund for the Manhattan League that ended (regular season) on Feb 4. For the 7.0 flight, out of 18 teams, only 4 teams didn’t need any adjustment. The work load of running the league isn’t small or light.

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