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thankful ..

My family
A. Tong
Brion Hathaway
Jamie Karasyk
Julie Alexander
George Xu
Zhen Wang
Barrie Coffman
Jenny Lihua Hong
Denise L. Shapiro
Catherine Tharin

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First Friday night at Bay

Someone just couldn’t sit out for too long, who pushed to have a practice. I found Bay Terrace. Five courts filled in less than two days.
Dave and I played Nick and Sachiyo. It’s intense and thrilling. I didn’t even realize that I bent down low to return many Nick’s shots. Dave is very positive and encouraging. We almost broke them when Nick was serving at 3-4. After a few deuces, he finally nailed me with a nasty serve that almost took my head off -:). Nick played so well.
The second hour was very mild, like a 3.5 match. By then I was tired and lost my concentration. Ron and I lost to Vincent and Stacy at 2 and won the second set at 4.
Not sure how long we can keep up the Fridays at Bay, especially when our regular Friday at GNE is back.

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