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The golden girl Jamie Anderson does yoga, too

Gold medalist snowboarder Jamie Anderson finds balance with yoga. In this video, she does kind of basic posts, which is to my delight.

Screenshot 2014-02-16 13.49.56

After more than a year, I am happy (kind of .. could have done better than this ..) to report that I finally am able to accomplish half push up: can go down but can’t get back up.
Another clear improvement is, I am able to distinguish yoga from Pilate. I made enough progress to touch my butt without a major surgery to follow. One discovery, however, is the Caucasians have advantage over the Asians in posts that involve limbs, simply because theirs are just longer than us by race genetic. Of course this could relief me of not trying hard.
One of posts that come easy to me is the Garland Pose, which is squatting. Did they just copy this from us? I can’t believe they use this pose, to my delight. This proves that never give up. If you keep at it long enough, a short cut eventually opens up for you.
This nude yogi on Nerve has more complicated posts. Here is more.

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Charge the net

I spotted a cell phone charger at NTC. Isn’t it late to the game?
I’ve seen it in Beijing when I went to visit in 2011.
Guess better late than never?

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