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Serena and the boys

Serena and Andy Murray played mixed doubles today (day 6, first round) and won 6-4 n 6-1 over Alexa Guarachi and Andreas Mies. For reasons – perhaps men’s singles take precedent over everything else, espn didn’t broadcast this. But they cover it on their espn+ channel that charges $4.99.  And you’ve to watch it on online – my cable network doesn’t carry it.


Talking about mixed doubles. Serena is being proposition a lot lately: still remember Dominic Thiem dude? He was out in the first round by Sam Querrey in four sets. During French Open, he was asked to leave the press room (or move to another room to make room for Serena) … so he ranted on Serena. But it was the doing of the French Open officials. Serena didn’t even know … so the Austria dude apologized to Serena by offering to play mixed doubles with her.

Something sounds very funny.

Because he has not yet prove himself a worthy player while Serena has won 23 slams as of now. Does this picture look funny and …. ??

I kind of like Thiem because his single hand back hand and quiet. But now, I think he’s a nut case. Get real dude. Serena is just too good for you, seriously.

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