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2-6 & 6-4

67 degrees! On top of losing all my serves, I’ve TWO double faults. OMG … After the game, I went to tuina. And the topic was pretty much about the Wuhan virus; and the dr said, the virus was originated in Hawaii and then Wuhan. Sad but true that people are easily fooled. A new house went up with a glazing fancy roof.

67 degrees 🎾 2-6, 6-4 🎾
67度 热呼呼的一日 又回到非洲了 [得意]
2 盘 没赢一个发球局 + 2个双失误

然后去推拿 上海音重重的医生说
“你疯了 还在打球?”
不打更疯 …
站着活 开心死

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