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Two matches in a day

6-0, 6-4 n 6-2.

The covid-19 made us to hibernate for the past few months. This, is what I’m  looking like now … ok, just kidding but not too far away from this. The oyster mushroom stick was purchased last Tuesday, May 28. With little water it mushroomed.

🎾 3-0 [愉快] 亲们 冬眠几个月没见 大家都好? ⇑ 这是好吃好喝的结果 [呲牙]
🍄 一个星期了 [色]

.. and the second match of the day, in the evening. Peacock and I played two 4.0 guys. Was he trying to prove that he could take on two aggressive men singlehandedly?

Yes, we’ve the homegrown mushroom for the hot pot dinner. Delicious!

Justice, peace and love to all and for all.

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