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The screaming kids

Since my first encounter with the GM at the club, I also complained about the noise on the courts, like loud music. Andre Agassi openly opposed the music playing at Volvo International in 1994:

“That was an embarrassment to tennis out there tonight,” an infuriated Agassi said later. “It was a joke and it scars the game. What are they doing, turning tennis into some kind of circus? If it comes to this, playing music between games, then it’s all over for tennis.

“If I had known they were going to do this, I never would have come here. The music drove me nuts. And I’ll never play anywhere again where they play music during a match.”  

I didn’t blame him then I don’t blame him now. Eehhhhrrr, it’s just very distracting and taxing. And today, it was the screaming kids at their Bouncing class. Oh boy. .. we ended up moving to Court 7 in the smaller area, feeling like in a paradise: quiet.

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