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8pm closing time

Saturday 7:35pm

For 3 days, July 15-17, the pool that usually closes at 7pm, extended an extra hour, closing at 8pm. How did I find out? When I left at 6:50 and there were still a few swimmers in the pool, so I asked.

“Because of the heat wave, we’re closing an hour later.”

What’s the point when no one knew?

“How do we find out?” IF I weren’t there? “Call 311,” the lady manager who also cleans the bathroom, said, “we were told in the morning, to open late today.”

Who would know to call 311 to find if a pool will extend its opening hour???

On Saturday, I called 311 and was told, yes, it opens till 8pm.

Goose (or geese) is main stay in our area. They walk leisurely and poop all over the place.

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